Monday, 16 April 2012

Imperial Guard strikes back

I've been chastised by my mates who think I'm hibernating. So here's what I've really been up to these past months.

I bought a 1999 version of the Leman Russ Exterminator, with the metal parts and Catachan 'passenger'. Two reasons, ebay and track wheels. I wanted to alter the tank to have visisble track wheels with track guards over them.
So here's the progress thenI began by slicing away the mounting rings on the inside of the inner side plates

I then sliced off the details that would get in the way of the new positioning of the track wheels. Taking care to keep the round rivet plates intact as I wanted to use some later on in the build.
The next lot was to make the wheels fit properly, since they were originally between the two side plates they now needed a bit of distance from the outer plate so that the track would fit.
So I:
cut 2.3mm cylinders (shims) from 7.9mm plas-tube for 10 small roadwheels
cut 3.9mm cylinders from 7.9mm plas-tube for smaller drive wheels x 2
cut 3.8mm cylinders from 9.5mm plas-tube for the large drive wheels
cut 3.2mm cylinders from 7.9mm plas-tube for the top four return wheels
cut 10.2mm lengths of 3.2mm plas-rod for the four (4) small top return wheels
cut 10.6mm lengths of 3.2mm plas-rod for the four (4) small rear return wheels
cut 8mm lengths of 4.8mm plas-rod to slide over the eight (8) small return wheels

I cut away the outer ring of the rivet plates and glued them onto the ends of the return wheels, adding much needed details quickly.Before I mounted all the wheels I sanded down the insides of all four side plates and glued the inner and outer plate together. The side hatches will still fit the recess so it doesn't make more work for you.

The next part that I tackled was the engine bay and rear of the tank. The old grid plate is chunky and not very detailed, so I thought that a 'Krieg' style set of filters would really bring it up to date and allow me to personalise the tank. I cut a plasticard plate to cover the orginal 'mesh'. I used the back end of a large spotlight, with the details removed as the filter dome. I cut a tube to the height I wanted it to protrude from the engine cover and took care to get the angle right, so that the dome on top would sit level and not lean over to the rear. I then glued angle 'L' shaped pieces all around the cylinder, making sure to cut the bottom off at the same angle as the tube itself. The dome was then glued on top.

This small filter is for the air intake into the crew compartment. I used the end of a pen nozzle (black part) and plastube again. I glued a piece of plasticard onto the top of the inner tube, then I scribed the mesh pattern onto the outer face of the inner tube. The thin ring fits inside the larger outer tube and seals in the 'mesh' plate. Small 'I' beam rod is used for the mounting.
This rear filter is a mimic of the Forge World piece as I thought it looked great. I used part of the power cables from the lascannon since it fit the angle, to bring air into the engine compartment.

The small vent you can see on the right side of the top plate is a small piece from a Rogue Trader missile launcher that was wrecked by its previous owner.

These are the start of the trench rails, quite an exercise in patience I'll tell you. Trying to keep a two mm wide strip lined up down the length of a curving piece of 1.2mm wide plasticard took many narsty words.
I built out the back of the tank by making a card template and then working from that to get the angles correct. The two exhausts were cut down to size and then I reglued the bottom pieces back on. A hatch on the top left side allows access to the engine bay. The two arms are stabilisers for the trench rails. I used plasticard cut at the right angle and then glued on angle card on the top and bottom to beef it up and add extra stability. The rivets were sliced from a thin rod into what the American's call 'chad's'. Each one is picked up on the tip of a brand new no.11 blade, dipped into a puddle of superglue and placed on the tank. More on that later, Meh!!!
The original autocannons are metal and twisted and look like a cheap attempt at converting a lascannon to look different, so they had to go. This is the construction that became my new autocannons. The tube on the right is exactly the same diameter as the original mounting, what a bonus!!
The turret is the old-school one, so I added the compartments onto the back to give it some more body. I cut away the pathetic attempt at loop-rings, drilled out and glued in pieces of bent wire. Much improved I think. At least you can hang stuff from them now. The extra amour was then cut to shape, also using a card template. I then changed up the original targeter mounting, making an open faceplate with sensors and lenses on it and added the extra plate that overhangs the front.
Since I had to rebuild the main weapon I couldn't make it elevate or removable, so no hot-swapping on this Russ.
I wanted to use the original metal Heavy Bolter for the front gun, but it's mounting cylinder had shrunk badly and was an oval, so I cut out the plastic lascannon from its mounting and removed the warped cylinder from the Hvy Bolter, then glued the metal gun to the perfect plastic mounting cylinder. Lovely!!
There are no sponson guns, but a Hvy Stubber will adorn the turret ring for sure. This tank started as a modelling project and slowly evolved into the beginning piece in a small Imperial Guard force that I plan to build up. A good Infantry support vehicle, I'm hoping that it is worth it's weight in rivets by the end.
More to come, so (Matt) watch this space.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

All Steamed up

So I'm back in the saddle after a good while. I went over to Bury St Edmunds two weekends ago to be at the opening of Apocalypse Miniature Wargaming. A great shop that I really hope the local Wargamers will support Jon and Bev in their endeavour as the Shop comes as a welcome relief after the local drought created by Runik's untimely end.
I entered four of my Warmachine ladies into the opening day Painting contest. I was up against some stiff competition from EldarVeteran's Demon of Wrath and Nick's Ork Stompa, but my girls prevailed in the end, Yaaah!!!!
I chose a new Helljack plastic kit and the Mk II Merc's gaming Deck as my prize. Many thanks to Jon and Bev for the opportunity and prize, and the Cameron for his help in the judging (Your money transfer will go through this week, teehee)
So I have gotten back into the figurines, finishing off some incomplete models first before venturing on. I had a Trencher UA and Blister plus Capt. Finn to finish off in my 'cold' Cygnar colours. They all got done this weekend and I will post pics here and on the PP forum as soon as the bases are complete.
The Bury Wargamers are having their birthday weekend on the 25th September, so I will be entering the Battle Scarred painting contest with the very model on the header. My heavily converted Talon, :)
And so I will venture on into Warmachine MkII and see how it all goes. A thrashing is in the waiting I believe. They still look good as they die tho'

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Changing Gears

Hi all,
I'll be changing tack soon over here. I haven't been doing much figurine modelling latley, concentrating on military models instead. I'm busy with a SAS willy's jeep used in Normandy (Caen) before and during the D-Day landing time period. Include a resin radio-set, a BMW R12 motorbike and sidecar. Three SAS 'Commando's', and a couple of Maquis French resistance fighters and we have a scene set.

I'll let you know what happens next,

Monday, 16 March 2009

Car-less Painting

Well it's almost a month since I last updated, and I'm not very much further along with the paintwork. The weather has improved greatly, and warranted a bit of gardening. I'm no closer to finishing Haley yet, just staring at her...there's so little left to do but I'll have to mix up about 8 different paints just to complete her, Meh!
Ashlynn, on the other hand, is coming along nicely.

I have completed the base piece. Built up with plasticard to form two steps and then covered with Std Milliput and sculpted into cobbled stones.

I plan to add a Khadoran flag draped over the steps, with Ashlynn's foot on top of it. The 'blank' piece of steps is where I know the flag will cover, so I didn't bother sculpting there. Symbolic and also for the vast colour shift to make her little self pop a bit more on the Battlefield. I didn't want to go with a huge base-piece like I've seen some people use.i.e. it still fits the 30mm edge, but buggers off vertically for about an Inch. I went right up to the edge of the base at the 'back' of the piece so that I could steal an extra 7mm of footspace for Miss d'Elyse. This gave me a whole lot more room to 'move' when it comes to laying down the flag and positioning her on the base. It will all have to be planned rather carefully as her skirt comes down rather low at the back.

I've tried to keep her armour looking utalitarian, and so I added in varying degrees of grey into the metallic steel that I was layering onto her armour. It's left it with a sheen and a silver highlight, but it's not bright.

I changed up her Stack, by adding the spiked tip of the Hunter's Axe (Light 'jack). I cut it down and hollowed it out. It looks more like her art from Matt Wilson now. The horsehair plume is a sculpt, using a thick wire 'arm' glued into her helmet and then adding thin sausages of GS and sculpting them gently into strands with a silicon tipped 'paint shaper'. I'm very happy with the plume as it's my first attempt at a major change to a figurine. The helmet is a Steelhead, reversed and with the face smoothed over with GS.

I am also working on another piece that I can't really show off with yet, or post any info on for a few reasons. I've it some time and it'll be up here soon.
See ya